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Prashmana Yoga – Rishikesh – the Yoga Capital of the World. Learn ways to transform your life and the lives of others through the practice of yoga.

Welcome to the world of yoga solutions - Prashmana Yoga

Prashmana is one of the most beautiful Sanskrit word after yoga which means Solution.

Bearing that in mind we at Prashmana Yoga a yoga school which aspires and continues to offer solutions of yoga to bring happiness and peace for life in contemporary times.

Here, at Prashmana Yoga we welcome you to explore the world of yoga on and off the mat with Prashmana Yoga’s unique style of teaching ancient practices of yoga with modern scientific touch with us.

Rishikesh has been the first choice for learning and practicing yoga among sincere yoga lovers since long ; our school which is also nestled close to the banks of holy river ganga and in the cradle of Himalayan foothills makes it for an immersive environment for learning and enriching our lives with yoga.

Yoga communicates with a common language that is felt and understood by people of all ages irrespective of what sex they are, which race they come from and what religion they follow. Yoga has been bridging the gap among our body mind and soul but also among humanity and cultures across the world.

We as educators from Prashmana yoga doing our bit by developing deep trust in teachings of yoga and passion for revealing the hidden potential of Humanity with methodical and easy steps to follow the beautiful practices and philosophies of yoga.

Our Offerings:

We have uniquely curated a space for Yoga Teacher Training Course, Retreats and wide array of Workshops for yoga and self-care.

Yoga Teacher Training

One of the best curated space for yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India

Yoga Retreats

Choose your journey from different Paths with us Leading to destination of love.

Yoga Workshop

Themed workshops on yoga and wellness for office, working mothers and students.

Our soul is our team of Yoga Educators who have myriad backgrounds in field of yoga as Mind-Body Practitioners, Healers.

About Us

Our heart and mind is our team of Mind-Body Practitioners, Healers, Story-Tellers, Spiritualists and Yoga Researchers who have been working in the field of yoga and wellness for more than 8 years.

Have love for learning and teaching yoga? Become a yoga teacher with us Join our 200 Hrs. Yoga Teachers Training program

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Trusted by over 10000+ students all over world

200Hr Holistic YTT
3rd – 21st October 2022
1600 Euro
200Hr Kundalini Tantra YTT
3rd – 21st October 2022
1600 Euro
300 Hr Holistic YTT
3rd – 26th April 2023
2400 Euro