About Us

Our Vision

Our soul is our team of Yoga Educators who have myriad backgrounds in field of yoga as Mind-Body Practitioners, Healers, Story-Tellers, Spiritualists, Yoga Researchers and Phd scholars who are working in the field of yoga and wellness.

Our aim is to create and mentor Yoga practitioners who are equipped with authentic knowledge of yoga.


Ph.D. E-RYT 500
(Lead Yoga Anatomy and Asana Teacher)

Himanshu is a person who leads his life with intuitive awareness; He loves to wear many hats of a friend, a mentor and a teacher for friends who are in need of assistance to commit themselves for self-care. He strives to create a community of people who are vibrating at the similar frequency of awareness with key human values viz. love, compassion and forgiveness. His innate desire of sharing his knowledge and insights of yoga anatomy and holistic yoga is pretty evident in his methods of leading classes for individuals to groups. Experimenting with life is his key to evolve and integrate. Be prepared to receive volumes of information with a dose of humor in the best possible way.

Neha Baliyan

Ph.D. E-RYT 500
(Lead Asana Teacher)

Neha carries a contagious smile of a child and a heart of care-giver. Her favorite activities are talking to animals and nature walks. Her natural competency for being a teacher and sublime presence will inspire you to learn many styles of yoga from her. Credential of having PhD in Yoga and cognitive functions of brain allows her to work on different dimensions of awareness-cultivation with the right elements of yoga. Her work in the field of yoga has touched a wide spectrum; she has worked in hospitals, community health centers, Yoga Research Labs, Visiting Professor of yoga in Universities, teacher training and retreats in India and abroad. We assure you that your body and mind will be in safe hands when you practice yoga with her.

Rohit Chobe

sound healing course

Ph.D. E-RYT 500
(Lead Meditation Teacher)

Rohit Chobe is an accomplished Meditation Teacher and sound healer based out of Rishikesh. He got awarded his Doctorate degree in Yogic science from Uttrakhand Sanskrit University. He has expertise in Pranayama , meditation and Reiki .He is a certified Sound healer from IASH. He has an insightful teaching skill and can deliver the intrinsic things in simple and enjoyable manner.

He is also a gifted singer who can play different musical instruments . His Mantra chanting sessions with authentic pronunciation and rhythmic vibrations are enough to ascend participants to a higher state of consciousness and calmness.


(Bhakti Yoga Teacher)

I did my Yoga Teacher training 2013 in Rishikesh, where I was introduced to Hatha, Ashtanga, Pranayama, Anatomy, Asanas Adjustments, Chakra Meditation and Yoga Nidra after Who From that point of time, I continued practicing and experiencing the different sides of Yoga with different masters and in different part of india. After 3 years of my yoga journey ,i started my own Yoga studio in rishikesh and also organized Retreats.Four years ago the magic of making music alone got me. I started to play guitar and combined it with Mantra chanting. I am very grateful that I had so many beautiful Kirtan nights where you could truly witness the exchange of energy which lasted for days.