Lower back Pain During The Practice

What Is The Reason Of Experiencing Lower Back Pain During Yoga Practice?

Yoga is one holistic modality that can provide you with the best solutions to life’s problems. No matter what the problem, whether mental or physical, yoga can help you. Many people have adopted yoga, in midlife too. So, you can be rest assured that there is no age limit, when it comes to yoga. Most yogis would suggest yoga therapy to build strength and immunity. Moreover, it also increases flexibility. The Yoga Teacher will often suggest yoga therapy to address pain-related issues as well. If you have arthritis or any other musculature problem, then also you can practice yoga.

However, there are a few contradictions here. A few years back, many practitioners of yoga experienced back pain after the practice. There may be many different reasons behind this.

Reasons Why Yoga Causes Back Pain

  • Yoga can cause small tears in the muscles, which often lead to soreness. If you are doing yoga after a long time, this occurs. Overdoing anything is really bad, and it applies to the realm of yoga as well.
  • Yoga is mostly a remedy for people, who are unable to do high intensity exercises. However, when you have just started with it, it can lead the underlying problems to soar high. If you already have lower back pain or neck pain, yoga practice can magnify it. If you have spine issues, that have not undergone diagnosis for a long time, it can surface when you just start practicing yoga.
  • Thirdly, you may also experience back pain, if you are not taking your postures seriously. That is the reason why, you must always practice under an experience Yoga teacher. Forward bending poses, if not done correctly can lead to back pain in general, if you are not used to it. Many teachers also do not emphasize backbend safety during the practice. A structured yoga practice, can teach you how to support the body. Then only, you can lead an active life.
  • A lack of awareness can also lead to back pain. If you try to escape the proper poses, due to more stress on the muscles, it can also prove to be harmful. The soft structures of the lower back, can become unbalanced. Moreover, too much over-stretching can lead to torn discs and nerves. Thus, you have to be conscious, while continuing to practice.

But it does not have to be that way.  Know why?

How To Avoid Lower back Pain Even While Doing Yoga?

The two main areas of the body that affect the back area, are the feet and pelvis. The wrong placement of the feet, including the knees, hips, and ankles can create the real issues. You also need to take adequate care of the spine. When you are performing symmetrical standing poses, like Tadasana, you have to ensure to position the feet in the correct manner. You also need to position your legs in the perfect manner, while doing supine backbends.

Additionally, the pelvis is also at play and may lead to lower back pain. The pelvis needs to be stable and balanced. You should not allow the pelvis to tilt either way. But you can play with the hips. You have to take proper care of the alignment of the pelvis and hip bones. This will help you to avoid recurring or severe back pain.

You have to take care during seated poses as well. If the hamstrings are too tight or the pelvis may be pulled back, it may cause pain later. The lower back in this case, may revolve a bit. You can support the pelvis with a pillow or a bolster. Levelling the pelvis is the key to a proper alignment, so that you do not feel the pain.

During Uttanasana, the limited range of the hamstrings can also cause problems. It can prevent the pelvis from titling in the right direction. If you are not careful while practicing this asana, the weight of the upper body can put strain on the spine and cause back pain.

If you see clearly, every pose that we do in yoga has a similar goal. It is supposed to elongate the spine and support the back muscles. If you take care while doing the above poses, you can get relief from back pain for a longer term.

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